Behind the website: The Battle Royale

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Behind the website: The Battle Royale

Postby Michael Zanetti » Fri Mar 25, 2016 9:40 pm

Ever wondered which hardware is behind this forum?
I'll give you a look behind the scenes in this topic.

Somewhere in 2012 Gustaf decided he wanted to stop hosting TBR. This was due to the fact the costs were getting too high for him, plus he was going to attend university.
In May 2012 we have signed the document to transfer the domain to me. Back in the days, the website was still hosted at

Moving to a private server
Keep in mind that the server doesn't only host the forum.
It also runs multiple virtual Windows servers (I am running tbroyale.lan as my network domain).
I even have a few virtual linux servers, mostly for media encoding.
But I also use the server for my own purpose, mainly to get more experience in IT.

The very first server (2013)
Meanwhile I bought my first real server, which was a HP Proliant ML150G6.
You can see the specs in the screenshot below (notice the cpu cores).


From the outside it looks like this.


And from the inside, you can see the serious airflow control.


I can't tell you the exact price, a rough guess gives me this list:


The new server (2016)
After almost 3 years of powering this forum I decided to create a whole new ESX server from scratch.
This beast is a big step forward compared to the old server.

It should also be a bit less power consuming.
Intel Xeon processors are known to consume a lot of power.
Note the 6 cores! Which means 12 with HyperThreading enabled 8)


I decided to go for normal casing. I didn't want it to be very flashy.


And ofcourse, from the inside.
I went for a huge cpu cooler, because of two facts:
  1. Very quiet
  2. Cools very well

And ermm yeah, we won't lack memory right now... do we?


All the virtual servers are now running on a SSD. The server has 2 SSD's available.
This has really reduced the loading time of the website a LOT.

Now onto the last part. The pricing.
What did this beast cost? Find out yourself:


Just something to let you know.
A backup is automatically made every day.
These backups are automatically stored on a cloud server.
Seeing as this forum isn't that active, it automatically keeps backups for only 2 weeks.

Now you know what's behind this website! I hope you enjoyed reading this little topic.
If you have any questions or would like to comment, feel free to do so. 8)

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Re: Behind the website: The Battle Royale

Postby loat » Sun Apr 24, 2016 8:25 am

You should have been maintaining QQ. I visited for nostalgia, and it's all gone because Josh hadn't made a single backup in the near 10 years it was online.

All those shitposts will be lost in time, like

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