Small Forum Talk/Dicussion.

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Lily Levant
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Small Forum Talk/Dicussion.

Postby Lily Levant » Mon Jul 23, 2007 6:38 pm

Good day TBR'ers.

Over my past few visits I've noticed some things of your forum you might be interested in.

I'll briefly explain, do what you please with it :)

-You have 5 Categories. (General, Games, Alliance, Anime and Computers)

All in all this is not bad at all, provided you really need them. No real comments on this.

-You have 7 threads that are, so to speak, hardly used, and to top it off you have a second Request thread, regarding the forum.

Now from my vision a forum grows because of topic/articles, not from threads. When certain subjects gain alot of topics, I'd say that's when you consider a new thread for it.

-Last but probably not least, you have Moderators situated in one big group, now with a small forum this doesn't matter, but when your forum grows you may find that Moderators have different Moderating thoughts about thread, this might cause collisions of opinions and confusion.

I hope this helped out a bit :)



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Postby Holy » Mon Jul 23, 2007 9:56 pm

As people can probably see I fully agreed to this and thus changed how the forums are set up.

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