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Forum cleanup

Postby Holy » Thu May 14, 2009 12:44 am

I did some minor changes to the forums tonight, I removed the roleplay forum for public vision (mainly since it isn't used and just increased the forum list), moderators of the roleplay forum and global moderators will still be able to see this forum. Getting the forum back in place is as good as zero work for me so in case that is wanted by the current role play mods/people wanting to start up roleplaying again let me know.

I fixed so that the GvG/PvP forum is visible for all registered users, alliance or higher permissions are still needed to access this though. (Previously I had made it visible for everyone not logged in but forgot about registered users :oops:). The main reason for making it visible is for people who join this forum should be aware there is a PvP forum and not assume us not having one. I apologise to the few non-GW people around, there should be no change in number of forums in the list for most of you though with the roleplay one being removed from the list though ;).

Also changed some of the worse forum descriptions (not saying these ones are much of an improvement but hey :P).

Loat has due to his strong frontlining received admin rights to make sure Medi behaves properly as a moderator.

Keep posting or something ^^. Oh and the last point was obviously a joke 8).

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Re: Forum cleanup

Postby Bubo » Thu May 14, 2009 3:18 pm

Oh, thanks for letting me know it was a joke. Now I know when to laugh. Oh wait...

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