Aplication : Trixy Trixy

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trixy trixy
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Aplication : Trixy Trixy

Postby trixy trixy » Tue Sep 16, 2008 1:07 am

Hey up

(Nick)name: trix
Nationality/Residence: english, uk
Character name(s): trixy trixy, x tuntun x, little buruch
Usual playing hours: usually on every day from seven onwards, have some good friends in game always room for more though!
Interests: tennis, badminton, football tho i broke two ribs last week at footy so thats a nono till they heal :roll: , guild wars, wii with mates and missus,also read alot of books usually fiction, oh and i love great films (matrix, batman)and music.
Other information about me:i'm 60% of way to glad two, played gvg 3 times a week as mesmer for a few months won a few lost a few, i love to play memser, paragon, necro and ritualist mostly although i've played all proffesions in pvp and pve( got tired of hovering over hexes to see what they were doing to me so learnt by playing each one) i like ra,ab,gvg and pve, never done much ha but thats something i hope to learn.

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Re: Aplication : Trixy Trixy

Postby Holy » Tue Sep 16, 2008 1:16 am

It sounds all good :), sorry to hear about your ribs though :(.
I granted you forum permissions so you have access to more forums now, also invited you ingame :).

I hope you'll enjoy being in the guild.

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