This is a archive of old recruitments of Guild Wars 1. (read-only purpose)
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Postby Rimzan » Wed Sep 17, 2008 3:49 pm

Reason for being on this forum (e.g. Guild Wars, IB, hanging out): found from gwguru
(Nick)name: Rimzan
Age: 17 (-91)
Nationality/Residence: Finland (+2 GMT)
Character name(s): The Rimzan, Empty Was My Coke & then some other pve characters
Usual playing hours: after school to evening, at weekends can play at night if needed
Interests: Teamsports like football and icehockey, music, hanging with friends and gym
Other information about me: Can play frontline with warrior (dervish maybe later as I unlock skills'n stuff) and almost every role at midline, monks i don't prefer to play (don't have black ego armors <_<). I don't own gwen yet but going to buy it as I get money. I have had guild wars now almost 3 years. Been playing at around rank 200. I have also intrests to create builds and observe topmatches to learn always something new.
Will add here something as soon as I know what :)

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Re: Aplication

Postby Holy » Wed Sep 17, 2008 3:57 pm

Okies sounds good :). Invited you to the guild ingame.
Welcome :).

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