Application for TBR membership

This is a archive of old recruitments of Guild Wars 1. (read-only purpose)
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Application for TBR membership

Postby wilson » Thu Mar 26, 2009 12:56 pm

Reason for being on this forum (e.g. Guild Wars, IB, hanging out): Guild Wars
(Nick)name: Wilson
Age: 26 (yes I'm that old :D )
Nationality/Residence: Luxembourg
Character name(s): Kayu Pegason, Galactic Gigolo and others
Usual playing hours: on weekdays usually from 6 or 7 PM CET onwards, with a break inbetween ( I like to watch the news :) ); on weekends it waries a lot, but I'm usually on on the morning and sometimes all night (if theres stuff going on)
Interests: long walks in the woods, especially in the rain and all alone
Other information about me: I've been playing GW since the betas. I have been playing PvP only for the past 2 years. I used to play an aweful lot, but recently work has taken his toll. I'm fine with not playing every day (as mentioned in your recruitment post). 2-3 GvG evenings a week is all I'm asking for.
I have a mic and vent / TS / mumble. I'm a very communicative player. My forte is defenitley microing splits. I love splitting :) .
Apart from GvG, I like to play AB , because it's so casual. Yet you can practice positioning and movement a lot.
I do not like HA at all.
I'm not a title person. I just don't like the idea and never actively worked on one.
When I play I do everything possible to win. I always try to improve and I don't fall for the same thing twice. That said, I'm not starting to rage over a loss. I just like to discuss problems in a constructive way. This is probably the most important thing I expect form a guild.
Apart from that I expect a certain level of maturity. I do like to fool around from time to time. 8)
GvG specific
Balthazar Faction: 3,1 million
PvP-ranks (Gladiator, Hero, Champion, Commander): glad 4, hero 2, champ 0, commander 0
Professions and roles played (rate roughly how good you are at each one): I'm best at Ranger. I used to play flagger quite a bit. Dom Mesmer and Warrior (only Hammer though, I love KDchains) are other things I can play at a decent level. Don't make me play Assassins or Dervishes though. :)
Estimation of amount of GvG's played (10 or less, 10-30, a few dozen, 100+, 250+, 500+): 500+

Thanks for reading this.

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